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Collier Services

The Company You Can Trust

Over thirty years ago, the Collier family established a plumbing company with the goal of being the best plumber in the Radford area. We have always had the mind-set of quality work above all else. We believe that when a customer hires us they are putting their trust in us. They trust us with an important part of their lives, their home. Whether you have new construction and need installation or you have a problem and need a prompt repair, we have the experience to serve you.

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Four Generations of Great Customer Service in Radford, VA

Collier Services is a family owned and operated business with four generations of plumbers that have passed through their doors. With four generations of experience, the staff at Collier Services is prepared for anything. We have learned, from the 30-plus years in business, what the key to success is. Collier Services knows that taking care of our customers by doing extraordinary work is how we have had four generations of returning customers. We pride ourselves on knowing how to treat our customers.

Why Choose Collier Services for Your Family?

With our staff’s years of experience and the fact that we offer some of the best deals around for an all-encompassing scope of work, there is no reason to choose any company other than Collier Services. Whether you are looking for a small repair or a big installation, we pay attention to the details so we can get your job done right the first time. Rest assured, we will properly diagnose issues in the beginning and teach you about options so you are able to make an informed decision. Not only do we have technology that allows us to get the job done quickly and efficiently, but our fleet of vehicles is always equipped with the latest products, including cameras, piping, and parts, so you do not have to wait for your repair. Contact Collier Services today for all your plumbing needs.

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