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Blacksburg, VA


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This slogan, “ Let’s Go Hokies!”, can be heard around all parts of Blacksburg on any day of the week. Blacksburg is the quintessential university town filled with rich history from both the town and the university. With it’s quirky nature, Blacksburg is known to be attractive to young professionals living in the older parts of town. With older apartments and homes, that are mostly occupied by college students, the plumbing can start to have problems as time goes on. Here at Collier Services, we want to be your first call. We have experience working on, fixing or replacing plumbing in older systems. Whether it is your hot water heater, your kitchen sink, or your toilet, we can help keep your students on track and give you piece of mind.

Prevent a Leaky Faucet

Many leaky faucets are caused by damage to the component valve that allows water to move through the system. One of the ways to prevent a leaky faucet is to turn the water on and off gently. If you have a leaky faucet, Collier Services can help. We can get your faucet replaced so you can go back to living, call us today at (540) 380-8486.

What Causes Water Heater Problems

Common water heater problems include failure of the heating element or thermostat unit that controls your water temperature. Hard, untreated water will lead to mineral deposits building up inside your tank and the lines that carry the water to and from the water heater. These deposits can cause blockages and can corrode the tank, which will lead to leaks. Another leading cause of water tank issues is age. They do not last forever. If you start to experience less-than-hot water, low water pressure, or water discoloration, call Collier Service as soon as you can. The sooner the problem is found and fixed, the less extensive damage will be caused.

Let Collier Services help you take care of your college student and give you piece of mind that their home away from home is in working order. Over the years we have proven that we treat our customers with respect and have shown that we are honest and hardworking. Our number one goal is to get our customers what they need in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price.

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