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Taking care of the kitchen and bathroom faucet fixtures is essential. Left unchecked, leaks and other problems can lead to thousands of dollars in damages, when a hundred dollars’ worth of maintenance could have handled the situation. Having a leaky faucet can be an indication of a much bigger problem. Here at Collier Services, we can help you avoid the more expensive problem.

When to Replace Your Faucet

Most of the time, a faucet leak is a simple fix. Discolored water, leaks, and rust can be just a matter of replacing the components, but there are times when it is necessary to replace the entire unit. When the leak comes from within the faucet itself, if the innards are shot, or the tubing is eroded, then the faucet has to be replaced. Replacing the faucet will save you money in extensive repairs later.

Though it can be rare to have to replace an entire sink, it can happen. If the porcelain is cracked, you need a new sink. Broken porcelain will lead to water getting into places it isn’t meant to be. This can cause decay and mold. Another reason you would have to replace the sink is because of corrosion of the drain. If the connection between the pipes and the sink itself are corroded, it may be time to put in a new sink.

How to Avoid Faucet Leaks

Many leaky faucets are caused by damage to the component valve that allows water to move through the system. One of the ways to prevent a leaky faucet is to turn the water on and off gently. If you have a leaky faucet Collier Services can help. Call us today, we can get your faucet replaced so you can go back to living.

Breathe new life into your home with just a few updates. As your plumbing professional, we are happy to recommend the best sink, fixtures, and faucets to go with your kitchen or bathroom. Our reliable services ensure you’ll be satisfied with the finished product.

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