Sewer Lines

Sewer Lines


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If you suspect you have a sewer line problem, do not wait, contact Collier Services. We are the Radford area’s top sewer line experts. Whether you are in need of a repair or need installation with your new construction, we can help. Our experienced staff is here to take care of your sewer needs. Needing a sewer line repaired can be very stressful, and we want to take your worries away with prompt service and quality work. At Collier Services, we are here to get your household up and running again. Contact us anytime online or give us a call to schedule prompt repair or installation today: (540) 380-8486.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Sewer lines can become compromised due to blockages, cracks, worn or partially collapsed lines, and by tree roots. Grease, food particles, and items getting accidentally or purposefully dropped into toilets and flushed are the most common causes of blockages. Older pipes are prone to cracking and collapsing. This is especially true with cast iron pipes. Over time, cast iron begins to degrade and internal sections of the pipe begin to crack and fall into the line. This can cause your sewer line to become blocked and sewage to back-up into your home.

Sewer pipes can also sink along a portion of their path causing a “belly” where water and solid waste stops and stagnates. Once the dip in the pipe is full, solid waste begins catching on the waste in the belly. This causes large blockages in the pipe and can lead to water backing up into your home.

Tree roots are another sewer pipe hazard when they are planted too close to the underground lines. As the tree grows, its roots dig deeper, looking for water and nutrients, and your sewer line provides both. Eventually they can put enough pressure on the lines that they break and damage all together.

digging a sewer
digging a sewer

Trust Collier Services with Your Plumbing Repairs

Collier Services is your one-stop shop for fast and reliable sewer and septic installation, cleaning & maintenance. Call our licensed plumbing contractors for:

– Septic System Installation, Repair and Replacement
– Sewer Line Installation, Repair and Replacement
– High Pressure Sewer Jet Cleaning
– Drain Cleaning and Clearing
– Septic Tank Location
– Line Location
– Video Inspection
– Interior and Exterior

after digging sewer
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