Water Filtration

Water Filtration


Water Filtration Services for Home and Business

in Radford, VA

Make Your Drinking Water as Healthy as It Can Be With Collier Services

Collier Services knows that keeping your family healthy is a high priority for you, and we want to help. Here at Collier Services, we provide you with a custom water filtration system to solve your unique water problems. Some of the water issues that we can correct are taste or odor, hardness and PH balance. Water filtration can provide better tasting and smelling drinking water by removing chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and bacterial contaminants.

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Strain Impurities from Your Water Source with the Right Water Filtration

Acid Neutralizing Filter
Acidic water can be harmfully corrosive to your entire plumbing system. This condition can often be treated with a single acid-neutralizing filter. Metered units monitor and self-adjust regeneration cycles based on household trend of water consumption.

This flexible backwashing filter is used to treat a multitude of water problems, based on the media used.

Filter Z – Particle Removal
This high quality, granular zeolite media is produced from a unique mineral deposit that has high-surface area and porosity, making this media preferred over conventional sand. The surface of this media features microscopic minerals that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the bed.

Carbon – Taste and Odor
Chlorine and sulfur odors can often be removed by using a carbon filter unit. However, when odors are extreme, your water treatment professional may recommend a pre-chlorination system to help increase the life of a carbon unit. In such installations, this series of filters will effectively remove taste and odor associated with chlorine and sulfur.

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Benefits of a Whole-House Water Filter from Collier Services

Chemicals and toxins can enter our body in several different ways. One of the ways is through the water that enters our home. The best way to combat this problem is to purify the water throughout the entire house. A whole-house filtration system will tackle your drinking water, the water you shower in, and the water used to cook and wash dishes and laundry. The benefits of a complete filtration system are:

– Clean, filtered water emerges from every water source in your home
– Healthier showers and baths
– Extended life of water using appliances and household pipes
– Softened water with scale-free showers and spotless glasses
– Healthier skin and hair, free of contaminants

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