Plumbing Installation

Plumbing Installation


Experienced Plumbing Installation

by Collier Services

Radford’s Leader in Plumbing Installation Services

We can meet all of your plumbing needs, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to custom upgrades. Collier Services provides the best in custom plumbing installation for your home and business. Our customers will receive services and products that meet or exceed their expectations or we will make it right. We have trained personnel to assist you at your home or business.

Our plumbing installation services include water heaters, faucets, drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposals and much more. All of these plumbing installations require pipe work. Here at Collier Services we have the experience and the know how to install or repair any household plumbing pipes. We want your home or business to run like a fine-oiled machine and having your plumbing working properly is a big part of having a smooth-running home and business.

outdoor shower
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Plumbing Repair in Radford, VA

Collier Services handles almost any plumbing project from small to large and everything in between. Not only do we do installations, our expert plumbers have experience in many different environments performing plumbing repairs and troubleshooting your issues. At Collier Services, we do not believe in cutting corners. We pride ourselves on being honest and trustworthy while doing reliable work at a reasonable rate.

Plumbing Inspections for the Radford Area

Maintaining your car is a must to keep it running well, your plumbing is no different. The chances of having a plumbing emergency greatly decrease if you have regular plumbing maintenance. Regular maintenance on your plumbing system can save you on repair cost, lower your monthly utility bills, and give you piece of mind. Contact Collier Services today to schedule your next maintenance, (540) 380-8486.

Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

Exposed plumbing system
We will visually inspect your plumbing to ensure everyone’s safety. We can recommend improvements that will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Water heater
We will inspect emergency water shut-off, drain valve, thermostat, gas/electric connections, temperature and pressure relief valve, temperature setting, gas thermocouple, emergency gas shut-off, flue pipe and the draft.

Water service
We will check your water pressure regulator. High pressure can damage a water heater or cause a pipe to burst in your plumbing system over time, including washing machine hoses.

Sinks, faucets, tub, shower, dishwasher, disposal, toilet
We will check for leaks (a small drip could waste hundreds of gallons of water and increase your water bill), aerators, handles, mounting seal, drain flow, trap/tubing, water supplies, water shut-offs, pop-up operation, strainer, disposal and dishwasher hose. Toilet test includes flush, seat, bolt caps, base movement, supply line, emergency water shut-off.

Water Softener
We will test for hardness and emergency water shut-off operation.

Washing Machine
We will check your emergency water shut-off, drain and hoses. Worn hoses could burst resulting in flooding and expensive water damage.

Re-piping Done Right the First Time

Having a plumbing emergency? Call the staff at Collier Services to fix your problem right the first time. At Collier Services, we pride ourselves on having the experience and expertise to take care of your repairs quickly. Do not rely on less experienced plumbers, call us today. We can take care of your problem and relieve the stress fast.

Re-piping Services in Radford, VA

– Complete Re-Piping
– Pipe Replacement
– Copper Piping
– Drain Piping
– Plumbing Fixtures
– Bathroom Piping

– Kitchen Piping
– Replacement Piping
– Pex Piping
– Water Pipes
– Leaking Pipes

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