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Sewer & drain cleaning

Sewer & drain cleaning


Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning

by Collier Services

Expert Sewer Line and Drain Services Throughout the New River Valley

To schedule sewer line and drain cleaning by Collier Services in the New River Valley, simply contact us today. We are the New River Valley area’s top sewer line experts for new construction projects. Let our experienced plumbers take care of your sewer line needs.

We resolve sewer line and drain concerns with prompt service and quality work. Contact us anytime online or call (540) 380-8486 today to schedule prompt sewer and drain installation.

Collier Services Resolves Sewer Line Challenges for
New Construction

Wastewater sewer lines can present various challenges for new construction projects throughout the New River Valley. After 30 years in business, Collier Services is familiar with expert ways to troubleshoot sewer line challenges. Whether you need to install lines on a new lot, or deliver new construction with pre-existing pipes, trust our plumbers.

Common Problems with Existing Sewer Lines

Blockages, cracks, worn or partially collapsed lines, and tree roots can compromise existing sewer lines. Grease, food particles, and flushing wrong items causes many common blockages. Cracking and collapsing occurs with older, cast iron pipes. Over time, cast iron begins to degrade and internal sections of the pipe can crack and fall into the line.

Sewer pipes can sink along a portion of their run, causing a “belly” where the waste stagnates. Once the dip in the pipe fills, solid waste begins catching on the waste in the belly. This causes large blockages in the pipe with clogging and backup.

Another sewer pipe hazard is the roots of trees planted too close to underground lines. As the tree grows, its roots dig deeper, looking for water and nutrients. The sewer line offers both. Eventually roots can put enough pressure on the lines that they break and damage all together.

digging a sewer
digging a sewer

Trust Collier Services for Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning

Collier Services is your one-stop shop for fast and reliable sewer and septic installation, cleaning, and maintenance. For new construction and more, call our licensed plumbing contractors for:

– Septic System Installation and Replacement
– Sewer Line Installation and Replacement
– High Pressure Sewer Jet Cleaning
– Drain Cleaning and Clearing
– Septic Tank Location
– Line Location
– Video Inspection
– Interior and Exterior Services

after digging sewer

Contact Collier Services for experienced plumbing in the New River Valley for drain cleaning and sewer line services.